Comprehensive Support Packages – Keeping your business running smoothly

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Whether you encounter a problem or just need some help understanding the features, our dedicated support staff provides a vital service to all our customers through our affordable Support Packages. These Support Packages are available on three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold and you can select which one best suits your needs. It is important to us that your system is reliable and that you are using it in a way that you get the best out of it for your business. Computer downtime can lead to increased overhead costs, lost productivity, lost revenues and sometimes even lost customers! Our Support Packages help you in solving any problems you may have – and quickly. We can help you with updates; adding new features and functionality, while maintaining the smooth operation of your Hardware; as well as ironing out any bugs that might have crept into the Software; in fact we can help with any aspect of your EPOS system.

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We offer 3 levels of support – BRONZE SILVER and GOLD which are designed to cover the majority of our customer needs – you can choose the level that best suits your business.

Professional, reliable, effective and efficient Technical Support Services are the foundation of a well-running computer or network system and lead to increased productivity, reduced costs and improved profitability. Our experienced, skilled, certified and highly competent technical support staff have a long standing reputation for providing quality service with a major emphasis on providing unparalleled customer service. We are a skilled and experienced vendor, specialising in meeting the technical support needs of small and medium sized businesses. We perform our work according to strict company standards and we always protect our clients’ data because we believe that it is more precious than gold!




  • Annual Software Upgrade
  • Email Support Software/Hardware
  • Web Support Software/Hardware
  • Telephone Support Software/Hardware
  • Weekday Technical Support
  • 20% Discounts Repair/ Site Visits




  • Quarterly Software Upgrade
  • Weekend Technical Support




  • Response Within 24 Hours
  • On-site Repairs & Upgrades
  • Loan Courtesy PC While Repairing Your PC

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